Mobile Storage Solutions has a standard process in place to only purchase Certified Cargo Worthy containers or better for our customers.  This insures that we provide you with the best quality product possible!  Through the organizations that inspect and certify all shipping containers this lengthy inspection process confirms that the container meets or exceeds all standards to be used in the shipping industry.

Leak Free

Certified Cargo Worthy containers can not have any leaks that would allow water, dirt or pests to enter from the outside.  All containers do have vents to allow minimal airflow in and out.

Sealed Doors

All door seals need to be in good working order to be declared Certified Cargo Worthy.  Inspectors check for weathered, cracked or damaged door seals.


A Certified Cargo Worthy container is a used container, but through it’s inspection process it can’t have more than a certain percentage of scratches, dents or dings.  Shipping containers come in all different colors and will have a few scratches here and there, we like to think of them as stories of your shipping containers world travels.